A Touch Of Pink In Your Living Room

Soft Decor To Inspire And Hypnotyze Your Guests

Who’s a fan of soft pinky tones? We are! Pink is often associated with charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, childhood, femininity and the romantic. Use it in subtle doses on your living room decor and prepare yourself for incredibly pleasant interiors.

This one is a lovely project in neutral and pink tones ready to receive your guests with the glamour that they deserve.

Adding a feminine touch, we have Audrey chair, a plush upholstered piece that exudes a fearless attitude and gives a soft power as only it can give. And then, we have the Glance, a defragmented mirror that brings the luxurious power of gold to the living room and challenge the conventional.

A project where a simple touch of pink can create a glamorous and unique ambiance.