Alejandra Pombo: Personality Reflected In Design

A Dining Room Endowed With A Unique Style

Alejandra Pombo, an interior designer from Spain, established her own studio in 2010, after working with quite some well-known studios. She was able to learn so many aspects and little details about the creation of unique spaces thanks to those experiences, bringing her to where she is now.

Pombo’s goal is to always challenge herself to bring a new approach to the projects she is working with, be it in the business or private sectors. Keeping this in mind, she manages to always give a unique personality and style that best suit her clients.

With this marvellous dining room projects of hers, we picked out some of our own pieces that definitely match this style. The Atomic suspension lamp by DelightFULL inspired by the molecular composition of the atom, together with the Kalina rug by Brabbu that has long lines that will elegantly finish any beautiful modern home decor.