AvroKO: Designs That Go The Extra Mile

A Project Beyond Paradigms

AvroKO is an architecture and design firm that goes beyond the actual industry’s paradigm. Able to provide transformative experiences with its unique sense of functionality and aesthetics, they go the extra mile to meet the client’s expectations. By adding its distinctive storytelling to each concept and creation, we feel ourselves being taken to another reality where the design itself is what matters the most.

Since its creation in 2001, AvroKO was able to grow so quickly, having now four offices (New York City, Bangkok, San Francisco, and London) that are taking on projects from all over the world, as well as creating their own furniture and lighting company, and much more!

Here we have this project of theirs where we decided to choose some of our own pieces that we thought would look pretty good there! Let us know what you think of the Draycott wall lamp by Luxxu made of crystal glass and brass, and the Inca sofa by Brabbu which is upholstered in cotton velvet.