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Bathroom by Ekaterina Zabegina, a truly luxurious and contemporary project of Interior Design.

A guest Bathroom project in a new Country House, for this bathroom project, the Designer took into account the limited space and designed the Bathroom in order to achieve a fascinating result in a small area, the balance perfect between colors and textures, result in a balanced project, within a color palette Caffe Latte this Bathroom is born that leaves us breathless!

The use of a mirror in this area is very important because it gives it amplitude, when placed in a diagonal corner the space almost triples, a stunning example of how an Interior Design project can make all the difference! In this Bathroom project we can observe the Brubeck Spiral, the exponential point in jazz is brought in style by Dave Brubeck. One of the most enchanting mid-century modern chandeliers that DelightFULL has to offer to the world is a statement piece. With an enchanting touch just like everytime Dave Brubeck touched his piano, the charming and alluring effect provided by the spiral case will make this unique lighting design shine in a classic and luxurious living room design or in a lighting hospitality project. Handmade in brass, the care and sleek movements of this modern chandeliers are clear, just like jazz, it never ceases to be timeless, normally not used in Bathrooms here it works perfectly!

We can also see the use of the Brubeck Floor Lamp, Dave Brubeck was the inspiration for Brubeck Floor Lamp, one of DelightFULL’s more luxurious floor lamps. The art deco floor lamp represents in every single detail the way the jazz pianist musician blended very demanding rhythmic structures with improvisation in expressive and accessible ways. Therefore, in this lighting design, you can find asymmetrical gold plated tubes in order to attribute a contemporary lighting effect. However, you can customize this modern floor light, since it is available a wide range of finishes: gold, nickel or copper plated, brushed brass or nickel, aged brass or any RAL lacquered color of your choosing. The base of this mid-century modern lamp is handmade in steel with a matte black finish.

A beautiful project that for us is an exclusive and modern Bathroom design reference!


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