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Bathroom with a feminine character due to all its cups! A contemporary space with an expressive color palette from pink to grey that makes this ambience stunning.

A project by Architecture Now studio, we have a Bedroom that connects with the Bathroom, delicately inserted in the space, we can observe a mosaic partition panel with a design that fits the visual level perfectly with the whole project, giving an expressiveness to the space and making in the highlight of the Bathroom.

We can see a stunning visual connection between the spaces, due to the color palette chosen in shades of pink with grey, making the space light and with a feminine touch.

In the bathtub area, the window bringing natural light, the area is truly poetic, making this space light and with a contemporary image and maintaining all its luxury, it becomes relaxed due to the contemporary way in which the space is planed.

Through the panel we can see the Bedroom area, an area that connects to the Bathroom space due to the use of color and the floor that remains, dividing only by the mosaic panel. The grey tones of Rug, as well as the cushions make the connection between the Bedroom and the mosaic tones, making this Master Bedroom very coherent and a reference of Interior Design!

A project that leaves us speechless, having a truly successful visual connection and form this space that includes Bathroom and Bedroom in a beautiful way that is like poetry! A project that delights us!!