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Be Inspired By a Limitless Expression

An Eclectic Living Room Design in Blue Tones

This amazing ambiance is all about limitless expression and the harmony we get when combining different styles. Eclectic design can have a lot of faces and expressions but, for us, what really defines “eclectic” is the ability to dazzle through unusual ways. That’s what makes it so unique!

Here we have the Fitzroy sofa that is inspired by a mountain in Patagonia (take a look at the shape!), some Florence stools that are both practical and upbeat or the Craig console that is a mid-century modern icon. May your imagination run free and your living space shine hard. Make it original, make it bold, make it yours. And remember – if it feels like home, then it feels good!

Stay tuned for more great design inspirations!


Boca do Lobo