Dawn Davidson Redefines Boundaries

Taking Risks And Challenges With Dawn Davidson

Dawn Davidson started Design Line Interiors in 1985, the decade forever recognized for its creativity, that sparked a new era of interior design and she was there from the inception. From the beginning, Dawn aspired to create spaces which would inspire, dare people to take risks, and challenge the boundaries of interior design.

Dawn thinks out of the box and creates environments suited to everybody’s needs, taking in consideration functionality and unique design. Thanks to her and her group of innovators and thought-leaders, Design Line Interiors continues to work and remain committed to redefining the boundaries and staying ahead of the trends.

In this wonderful living room you can use the polished brass details and mirrored sides attributes of the luxurious Lapiaz Center Table by Boca do Lobo and the curves of the textured, hammered metal band outlines of the Desire Armchair by Koket to show the world how different you can be!