Devon Grace Interiors: Design With Personality

A Minimalistic Luxurious Living Room

Devon Grace Interiors is a Chicago-based residential and commercial luxury interior design firm, led by Devon and Michael Wegman, husband and wife. Devon Grace Interiors’ team is specialized in bringing to life practical and bespoke spaces using innovative technology and a holistic approach to reimagining spaces.

The interior design firm prioritizes each of its clients’ expressions, making sure that every space matches the clients’ personality, if it’s a residential project or the company’s mission, if it’s more of a commercial project.

This living room is one of Devon Grace Interiors’ astonishing projects and we selected some of our pieces that we think will match a project like this one! One of them is the Vertigo Side Table by Luxxu, composed of perfectly crafted marble, polished brass and smoked glass which creates a unique and sophisticated ambiance wherever it’s placed, and the other one being the Kalina Rug by Babbu, inspired by the indigenous people native to the northern coastal areas of South America, the Kalina.