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Entryway in neutral tones with a mid-century twist, a contemporary ambiance with a mix of modern pieces and mid-century pieces that result in this stunning inspiration for more contemporary interiors!

In this ambience the color palette is what stands out the most, a Caffe Latte combination that seduces us and makes this entire entryway with a contemporary and comfortable charisma!

In this Entryway project we can observe the Hanna Pendant, this piece is a vintage pendant lamp that features a glossy white shade outlined by a copper finish, giving it a lovely contrast. Elegantly made in brass by artisans who applied delicately an ancient technique called hand metal spinning, if you style this suspension lamp alongside a mid-century decor it will provide your room a striking, elegant look. Hanna pendant lighting brings together a visually appealing aluminum bell lamp shade and a customizable versatility by way of finishes. This one light pendant provides abundant light, while adding style to your Entryway project!
The Wilde Mirror is a beautifully designed vanity wall mirror. It features three panels and irregular shape with a golden strap of plated brass that evokes a mid-century modern style while adding a hint of refinement to any interior. It can be hanged above a sideboard or a console and still give that retro look to your bedroom, entryway or living room. These two pieces in conjunction with the Sideboard make a stunning and serene match, maintaining subtlety in the tones the rug comes to create some contrast, dynamics and expression to the ambiance, West Rug has a graphic design inspired by photographs of Architecture Conjugation of light / shadow games and perspectives with reliefs Colors in shades of brown with reference to the furniture, great part in wood, produced in Century Mid Century.

A stunning combination of pieces that result in such a fascinating ambiance of Entryway!


Boca do Lobo