Erico Navazo: A Simple Name That Contrasts With Fascinating Projects

A Rich And Modern Living Room

Erico Navazo is a Spanish interior designer based in Madrid that has been in this field for almost over 25 years. Having a father as a furniture manufacturer and having collaborated with the famous Pascua Ortega Estudio back in 1995, enabled him to be always connected to the design world and gave him plenty of experience and helped him develop amazing skills to open his own studio later on.

Driven by honesty, serenity, and equilibrium when working on his projects, Erico was recognized as the “Designer Of The Year” by Architectural Digest by going along with design trends and evolution. One of the accomplishments he has is being the author of “the most beautiful, elegant and modern garage in the world” where he was able to prove how unique and important a simple garage can be, proving his outstanding talent and passion.

Do you think some of our pieces, like the Novak sofa by Essential Home that combines some details from mid-century style with a contemporary design vision, and the Vertigo center table by Luxxu that was made with sleek design giving a classy feel and a luxurious appeal, would fit in this wonderful living room project of his?