Hammer and Spear: Growth Through Design

A Showroom Born Out Of Love

Hammer and Spear is both a showroom and a design studio that launched in 2013. Comprised of interior designers, architects and product designers together as a team, the studio is able to bring to life amazing projects in the hospitality, retail, commercial and industrial fields.

The couple Scott Jarrell and Kristan Cunningham, the founders, made Hammer and Spear what it is today thanks to their love for their neighbourhood and its inspirational community of artists, so that they could meaningfully participate in its growth.

In this project of theirs, we can see that the overall ambiance matches with some of our pieces like the Dandrige sofa by Essential Home, one of the best calling cards of the mid-century modern furniture. Another one is the Inuk rug by Brabbu that reflects the lifestyle of the Inuit people.