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Kelly Hoppen and Its Unique Style

Neutral Tones, Clean Lines and Bespoke Pleasures

With a unique signature style, we bring you today Kelly Hoppen, an icon and one of the most celebrated interior designers in the world. With over 40 years of experience, this interior designer already received multiple awards and is considered one of the most inspiring women and a symbol of contemporary and luxury design.

Kelly Hoppen is known for this idea of giving the most personalized and proper interiors for the client’s lifestyle. Neutral tones, clean lines and a fusion of East meet West is a good way to describe her famous style. She tries to tell us stories with nothing but lighting, furniture, and other decor elements. Just like a movie or a song that makes you feel special, Kelly Hoppen is able to do the same with her projects.

With her own design company – Kelly Hoppen Interiors – Kelly Hoppen has the power to create timeless projects with unique decors and a sense of delight and peace of mind. The result is always mind-blowing. Bespoke design is all about this. Take a look at this project and be inspired to create ambiance with our products for example!



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