Kelly Wearstler Creates Spaces To Be Lived Integrally

An Authentic Cultural Immersion Project

Kelly Wearstler is one of the most famous interior designers in Los Angeles and quite well-known internationally, as well as recognized by bringing back “the florid and the decorative to the interior design“. Her way of working is by exploring materials, colors, and forms first so she can push the boundaries and challenging the rules in the interior design world.

With her style has been described as Hollywood Regency and Maximalism, Kelly likes to create provocative concepts as well as expressive narratives, making her win quite some distinctive design awards and numerous publications such as Elle Décor and Architectural Digest. The ultimate goal is to give a multi-layered, stimulating sensory experience to the clients.

We selected this amazing project of hers to show you how some of our pieces would fit quite amazingly to recreate this look! We have the Robusta center table by Caffe Latte a simple and neutral complement to a modern interior, and the Imperfectio armchair by Boca do Lobo that appeals to the form of authentic art.