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Kenneth Bordewick Represents Ultra Luxury

An Amazing Rich Colored Office

Kenneth Bordewick is often referred to as “The Billion Dollar Designer” and that’s not a surprise since he’s the guiding force behind Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors that has “ultra luxury” as its concept. His porfolio goes from palaces to seven star hotels and even private jets from a G4, which leads him to a list of clients unrivaled by any other interior designer.

Even though he’s highly accomplished and studies the needs and desires, it is his caring and gentle manner that allows his work to become fully incorporated into his client’s lives, designing interiors that are a direct reflection of his client’s personality and taste, which range from old world opulence to modern and contemporary.

In this drop-dead gorgeous office we can see all the thought that Kenneth Bordewick put into this project, with all the colors screaming luxury and finesse. With this kind of feeling, the Venice Mirror by Boca do Lobo that, through a passionate explosion of romance and drama, stirs emotion in anyone that catches its eye and the Maya Armchair by Brabbu that was inspired by the Maya’s Maize God fit like a glove here!


Boca do Lobo