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Kids Bedroom With A Mystical Pink Hue

Want A Magical Kingdom Of Your Own?

Kids Bedroom With A Mystical Pink Hue by Anna Donskova, an extraordinary Russian interior designer that makes every children’s dream come true!

Anna Donskova is a talented interior designer that is able to create remarkable designs while offering a wide array of services to fully provide the project you need. The ones that stand out the most though, are definitely the magical and dreamy kids bedrooms and play spaces she is able to create with her own mystical imagination and we’re here to inspire you with one of them.

This kids bedroom has pink and brown/beige tones to it so it can provide a soft look and, at the same time, enabling the child to dream and trigger the imagination. The pieces chosen for this project make it look like a house of its own which also lets the kid feel like they have control of their own world and create places everyone wishes they could go into! One of the most clever points of this kids bedroom is the rational solution of this space, taking advantage of the high ceiling to provide a 2-floor division where the child can play with enough space and sleep at the end of a long and playful day.

Following this dreamy feeling, we picked up some of our own pieces by Circu that would retain the atmosphere and improve functionality such as: the Bubble Gum bed that with its curved shapes combined with LED features is a playful bed that is going to be the standout piece which also enables you to store all the toys. Following with the Nodo suspension chair, which will bring you the warmth and comfort found in a bird’s nest and the sense of freedom by it’s floating sensation. Taking advantage of the bed position, we can use the Magical Mirror with TV on the wall so that your little majesty’s room has charming decor and can watch Disney movies before sleeping! Last but not least, our choice for the rug is definitely the Cloud rug, the ultimate decor piece to complete such a magical place.

Overall, this kids bedroom truly is a magical kingdom come to life and Covet House is here to help you make one of your own too!


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