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Light Up Your Life

Add Light Into Your Home

Light is one of the most important elements when we talk about interior designlight up your life and change the atmospheric mood of a room by just adding a light. It creates a powerful sense of identity and transforms your interiors into a seamless combination of functionality and style. Covet Lighting is here to answer all your questions lighting-wise and, today, we have a selection of wall lamps that are both trendy and timeless.

This particularly project is the best to show how light can change the design of a room and shows the importance that a light fixture has when you are designing a room. The fireplace and the mirror have an antique vibe, and just by adding the Empire Wall Lamp, by Luxxu, it turned out the brightness and added more life into the room. This wall lamp has the capability to transform every space in a stunning scenario.


Boca do Lobo