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Living Room in luxurious light tones, in a Modern-Classic style that bring this stunning project to life.

Another stunning Interior Design project by M.Serhat Sezgin, which as always surprises us with its stunning Interiors.

In an environment in neutral tones, the golden details gain an even more luxurious highlight and give the Living Room an unparalleled charm.

In this project we can see the use of our Empire Wall Lamp piece, which gets its inspiration from The Empire State Building and that’s why this creation is so powerful and capable to transform every space in a stunning scenario, constituting a charming corner that leaves us speechless and makes this stunning project even more luxurious, creating different areas within a single space with a stunning chromatic connection.

At the bottom of the Living Room we can also see our Littus Dining Table, this dining table is used as a connection between different spaces, the Littus was made in order to strengthen a unique concept. This luxury dining table has come to symbolize the spiral, is a curve in the space, which runs around a center in a special way like the great decisions are taken around powerful tables among determined minds. With a quality signature, Littus Dining Table embodies handmade techniques such as marble cutting, gold plated brass, executed by some of the best craftsmen.

Another stunning Living Room  inspiration by M.Serhat Sezgin who always surprises us with his wonderful environments that are a work of art in the world of Interior Design due to the harmonious and stunning way he designs the spaces!