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Living Room Perfectly Designed To Relax With A Caffe Latte


Living Room Perfectly Designed To Relax With A Caffe Latte and with your friends’ company!

This is a living room project by Damien Langlois-Meurinne, a French top interior designer that started his career with the master of timeless design, Christian Liagre, but 13 years ago decided to take the risk and start his own design studio, back in 2003. Since then, Damien has shown us a wide range of projects that goes from offices to showrooms and even to high-end residential projects. Damien’s approach to design is always so breathtaking – his bold work has become a statement in the contemporary French chic design. When describing his famous projects and creations, Damien likes to emphasize the balance, “rigor combined with lightness” and “certain poetry.”

This specific living room is a true representation of Damien’s work. It’s such a minimalistic room, but all of the pieces were rigorously selected to make it chic, yet functional. The colours used are what we like to call Caffe Latte Tones, and there’s nothing better to enjoy with friends than a Caffe Latte! The whites and browns really make this room so elegant and cosy.

To complement this mesmerizing living room, without losing its feeling and attitude, we picked four of our products we believe would look amazing in this project: the Sugar Rug by Caffe Latte, a rug made from botanic silk and, due to its neutral nature, has a very singular capability to fit into any interior design style; the Dorsey Suspension by DelightFULL, which is inspired by the acclaimed jazz trumpet player Tommy Dorsey, this mid-century modern chandelier is a unique lighting fixture that embodies the musicality of the 1950s – a perfect addition to this project! The Iguazu Armchair by Brabbu, a high-back lounge chair, upholstered in cotton velvet and with matte lacquered legs. Last, but not least, the Winnow table lamp which takes its name from the winnowing method, an ancient technique of separating grain from the straw.

An elegant living room project that is certainly an inspiration for COVET House and every interior design lovers!


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