LW Design : Unforgettable Guest Experience

Unforgettable Guest Experience

LW Design, established in 1999, has built a worldwide presence in the modern era of interior design and architecture, with a large number of remarkable, award-winning projects resulting from their offices in Hong Kong, Dubai and São Paulo.

Their success derive from the partnership their interior designers and architects have, as they work together side by side, focusing on their clients vision to deliver an experience of enhanced concept, functionality and unique features that bring the venue to life.

Having hospitality interior design and commercial interior design as their area of expertise, this impressive multi-task team takes pride of a monumental list of clients and a portfolio of 200 restaurants/bars and 100’s restaurants.

Gaze upon this sophisticated place, full of earth tones, wood and modular shapes, from the era of Steve McQueen, Fleetwood Mac and Eric Clapton.

To help you shape your venue in a modern and sharing form, we leave you with the Brabbu’s Syrad, a great asset to start a conversation while you wine taste, and the Dolly Coffee Table by Essential Home, a perfect addition to any bistro, cafe, hotel or restaurant.