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Masamo Design: Authentic Design With Charisma

A Living Room With A Soft Palette

Masamo Design is a design firm, based in Toronto, that was born thanks to Mahsa’s expertise and depth of knowledge in design. With her passion to share her personal style, as well as helping and creating the ultimate space, she became well experienced in design that extends beyond the aesthetics.

Her main goal is to make her clients call the new spaces their sanctuary, as she believes authentic design is personal and organic and yet seemingly effortless, exuding charisma while leaving an individual in a relaxed state of being.

This is one of her amazing projects where we can use some of our pieces like the Gisele side table by Koket with its iridescent peacock feather top together with the Poiseidon rug by Boca do Lobo which is perfect for the most daring environments to complete it!