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Mid-Century Twist in a contemporary living room with stunning natural light.

In a natural environment, a contemporary project was born with a Mid-Century soul that dazzles us for all its essence. All architectural materials, such as wood, glass, concrete covering the walls, make the ambience rich and contemporary.

The combination of chosen pieces, in a neutral color palette, makes the perfect connection between the interior and exterior!

Our Reeves Chair, which is a chair that could easily be considered a piece of futuristic furniture, due to its edgy and stylish design. The chair-back and legs are made of a tubular brass structure, simulating a crescent bow on the back, typical of Windsor style chairs. It is finished with single loose cushions, both on the seat and back, upholstered with a sophisticated leather, combines wonderfully with our Mid-Century Soul. The floor lamp used in the project, Carter Floor Lamp is the lighting piece your modern home decor has been looking for. Inspired by the discoveries of the universe, Carter modern lamp has all the details to be a memorable lighting piece. This bespoke design is handmade in brass, and it has two shades with a soft casting light that will transform any residential or hospitality project! Create the perfect ambiance with this mid-century modern lighting.

The Mid-Century atmosphere is quite assumed in this Interior Design project, the Yarsa Geometric Rug concept is based on the language of the German avant-garde movement – Bauhaus was one of the greatest and most important expressions of what is called Modernism in design and architecture. A journey through the history of the Bauhaus is style, modernity, and ideology, which can be in your living room, making a perfect balance between the pieces and in a color palette that balances the space with the Mid-Century language.

In addition to all these stunning pieces of design, we can also see our Nancy Wall Lamp on the walls, which is the lighting piece that will add that extra glow to your midcentury modern house. The lam is handmade in brass and aluminum and it has golden arcs, a typical art deco detail. You can turn on light with the mid-century pull chain, and get ready to enlighten your world and set the perfect mysterious, yet elegant ambiance. Nancy wall lamp is the right choice for a mid-century entryway décor or for the lobby of a hotel.

A project for all lovers of Mid-Century Design, this ambience leaves us completely speechless!


Boca do Lobo