Monaco Interiors: Building Projects With Character

A Dining Room With Strength And Wisdom

Monaco Interiors is an interior design company, based in Canada, that was founded by Revi Mula, in 2001. With its focus on residential and commercial projects, the studio aims to create high-end designs that meet with its clients’ needs and standards so that a bond and lasting relationships can be formed.

Revi makes sure to provide the best of her team’s expertise so that the whole process can be stress-free and let the client be relaxed and enjoy while their dream project is being built.

This is one of Monaco Interiors‘ projects, and we wanted to inspire you to try and get the same look by using our products such as the Jute rug by Caffe Latte which is a modern and neutral piece made of botanic silk, and the York console by Boca do Lobo that brings an elegant touch to any space decor.