Salon in Rue Bonaparte 54 in France


A wonderful tea room that excels in mid-century colors, giving this space a very dynamic and warm image! The contrast between blues and oranges is a 50’s choice that makes the difference. A Twist with a modern image gives this space a special charisma.

Mid-century modern Ike suspension lamp, handmade of brass and aluminum, brighten Salon in Rue Bonaparte 54 in France. Featured in a glossy black and gold-plated finishes, it can be customized according to our needs. Choose steel cord length, lamp shade RAL color and metal finish, an excellent option for any public space or even in our homes, this lamp fits perfectly in the most modern environments, as in the most minimalist environments or as we see in this project, mid-century !

A perfect combination of all the pieces, an inspiration for all lovers of Interior Design.