Studio Shamshiri: The Luxurious Duo

A Living Room Project With Potential

Studio Shamshiri was founded in 2016 by a brother-sister team, called Pamela and Rain Shamshiri. When they opened up the studio, they were able to unleash their full potential by bringing production, art direction, and set design to residential, commercial and hospitality projects.

That kind of professionalism and top notch work is clear even on their own building, since it is a 1920’s Hollywood landmark, that was acquired and restored by themselves, which eventually, gave them a portfolio for restoration work for homes designed by iconic architects.

Recreating this look, we have the Amy floor lamp by DelightFULL which is perfect to enjoy with your favorite book in the living room or bedroom, as well as the Saari sofa by Brabbu that will bring comfort and elegance to any living room set.