Tara Lenney: Simple And Luxurious

A Welcoming And Familiar Living Room

Tara Lenney from Dallas, Texas has the humble goal of “design for real, everyday people“. Tara reveals that from her perspective nothing feels better than serving her client in all aspects of a project.

Tara’s designs beautiful projects, to do so, she uses empathy, intuition, and strategy, creating ambiances that bring a unique and singular perspective to the design process. Tara creates individual solutions that fit the lives of her clients, and, at the same time, design beautiful spaces. During the process Tara and her team will help her clients discovering their personal style, providing tailor-made design solutions that will complete any space.

In this welcoming and familiar living room we could be inspired by the bold graphic design in Meta Rug,a creation without limits,made with  noble materialsgraphics and patterns different and unusual.