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Welcome To FLIBS 2019

Luxury Furniture To Inspirational Yacht

FLIBS 2019, or Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, is the type of yachting event that has something for everyone, boat lover or land lover. We are talking about 1200 boats on display across seven locations in Florida to live and breathe the true nautical lifestyle. Throughout the fair, you can expect a lot of entertainment, from boat competitions to gastronomy showcases and VIP events. Find us at the Super Yacht Pavilion, Booth #689.

In FLIBS 2019 you can find this amazing dining/living room to inspire you. Designed with the most luxurious and glamorous furniture pieces for your breathtaking yacht, this area has everything you need for you to sail comfortably but in style.

Starting with the eye-catching Eden Center Table, that screams luxury from a far way. Matching with such an iconic piece of furniture is the Kahn Sideboard.