When Minimalistic Meets Cool: Project By Jaime Hayon

Cool and Minimalistic Fritz Hotel

In this Jaime Hayon project design, the minimalistic meets cool vibe, by combining booth styles in the most creative but still mid-century modern style. Jaime Hayon set up his own studio practice in the year 2000 and dedicated himself fully to his personal projects from 2003 onward. Today he is one of the most acclaimed creators worldwide, and we bring you this unique project to inspire you.

Jaime Hayon went for a minimalistic design in this living room, but by adding a few statement pieces it gave the area a cool and relaxed vibe for a mid-century modern living room. Starting with the Armstrong Floor Lamp, by Delightfull, this mid-century lamp directs light anywhere a task light is needed, providing an exquisite touch to your interior design. To keep as simple as it can, is the Bloom Sofa, by Koket, for the most relaxed ambiance.