Yorkville Design Centre: The Upperhand Design

An Exquisite Living Room Project

Yorkville Design Centre, a Downsview Kitchens retailer from the beginning, was established in 1972. Thomas Tampold bought the company, in 2008, and paired it with his architecture company (Tampold Architects Inc.), because he believed that the interior should serve as an extension of the exterior, and vice versa.

Throughout all of this years, it has designed hundreds of kitchens with different designs that matched each period while maintaining the contemporary aspect. Regardless of whether you want to redesign your kitchen, interior, or entire house, YDC’s experienced team of designers will be there to give you the best advice possible.

We can try to replicate the feeling of this project by them, using the Madeira rug by Rug’Society that is inspired by the Portuguese archipelago as well as the Dandridge sofa by Essential Home which one of the best calling cards of the mid-century modern furniture.