50 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part V
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50 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part V

50 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part V

Dive into a world of inspiration with some of the best interior designers we know about. We’re going on a journey to discover all the inspiration you need. This is the last part of the best interior designers in Europe. Enjoy!

1. Alexander Kozlov Interiors

Alexander Kozlov Interiors‘ tailor-made projects across the world are inspired by the studio’s founders, Alexander Kozlov and Anastasia Blagodarnaya, who for over 15 years have been creating impressive interior and architectural designs. They strive to maintain luxury interiors with a refined and individual style. Their philosophy aims at creating functional, comfortable and beautiful spaces. They rely on knowledge of classical and contemporary styles to design outstanding and timeless interiors and buildings all over the world.

2. Alina Tsaunya

As you browse through Alina‘s projects you’ll come across a beautiful flow of calm, neutral shades. Her designs, on the other hand, aren’t as neutral. In fact, they capture the eye like it’s nobody’s business. A clear fan of marble, soft shapes and strategic lighting, Alina‘s interior decor is minimalism with a bang if we’ve ever seen it.

3. Alpha Service

The company Alpha Service began its activity in 1993. The close-knit team brings together high-class, professional specialists like architects and designers, as well as professional workers of all construction specialties. The main activity of the company has chosen to provide services for the development of interior design projects, as well as repair and construction and finishing works of any complexity.


Excelsa Modular Sofa

4. Alter Ego Group

Though Alter Ego is a family business, founded in 2003, its works all over the world. Based in Milan and Moscow, has already created more than 300 projects of private architecture. Creativity and luxury are combined in each project. For that so, the team strives to listen and understand their client’s desires and requirements and exceed them.

5. Anna Sakharova

Anna Sakharova is a well-known, successful designer within the Russian industry and in one of her most recent projects, she delivered a refined and luxurious interior for a client.

6. Architectural Design Studio of Oleg Klodt

Since the beginning of this century, they have been creating individually tailored world-class interiors. The portfolio of the Oleg Klodt Architectural Studio features dozens of projects we have completed for private homes and apartments, and interiors for hotels, restaurants and shops.

7. Artefacto

The word Artefacto is practically synonymous with high-end furnishings and home staging. More so, it decodes a lifestyle that is highly regarded amongst the biggest names in architecture and décor. Behind every accessory and piece of furniture is a carefully thought-out concept that aims to establish connections between the home and the owner.

8. Asash

Founded by Andrey Shmonkin, Asash is an interior design and architecture studio based in St. Petersburg and Moscow famous for creating incredible design projects. Shmonkin believes that a properly designed private interior should be perceived as a portrait of the owner, painted by a good artist. This comparison is not accidental, because they often treat design like drawing, where the sheet of paper is actually an empty space placed in front of them. Instead of paints and pencils, they create incredible design projects from high-quality materials, such as glass, wood, and stone. Their colors and textures make up the picturesque interior palette.

9. Balcon Studio

Balcon Design Studio is composed of a creative team that has united experienced designers, architects, artists and other qualified specialists with one goal – to create an individual image of your interior and bring it to life. The top interior designers offer a wide range of services in the field of interior design: from professional advice to complex design and implementation.

10. Beindesign

Beindesign‘s team of professionals offers a range of services that, thanks to a creative approach, can transform your home, apartment or office into the comfortable functional space that you have always dreamed of.

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11. Blue Star United | K41

The company, founded 30 years ago in Novi Sad by Mr. Božo Janković, has a wide range of services and production activities in the field of interior design and decoration in domestic and international markets. Today, the company is able to realize your every idea of a perfectly decorated space, starting from conceptual design, major interior projects and 3D visualizations, through production, including coordination, organization and supervision of all interior works and equipment on a turnkey basis.

12. Bodes Studio

Bodes Studio is a team of young and ambitious designers who are in love with their work. Each project is special for the top interior designers because there are no identical wishes of customers and ideas about the ideal home. Therefore, they have an individual approach to everyone. In interiors, they value not only the innovation of details and a beautiful picture but also the comfort that gives the feeling of home.


Katia Pendant Lamp


13. Borosa

These top interior designers have been working in the field of design and architecture for over ten years, and during this time the architectural group Borosa has managed to accumulate impressive experience in project implementation, earn the trust of customers, deal with all the intricacies of design, including the smallest details.

14. Boss Buro

Boss Buro is an architectural firm with leading design practice, pre-project analysis and consulting in St. Petersburg and other cities in Russia.

15. Chashkina Interior Design

The staff of the Сhashkina Interior studio is a team of creative-minded people who develop design projects for private and public interiors. They offer their clients professional assistance in interior, exterior, and object design. They are able not only to create ideas but also to translate them into material. Projects developed by their specialists are never divorced from real life. The result of many years of activity is a developed author’s style, and established relationships only with the most reliable and trusted partners.

16. Chvoya

Architectural bureau Chvoya is a small workshop of good architectural design. It was formed in 2009 by three comrades from the Institute of St. Repin, as a continuation and development of the informal association “Quiet Hour“.

17. CuRoom

CuRoom is a well-established real estate and design company ready to design for a better life.

18. Dakom International

Dakom International from Belgrade has existed for 15 years and offers and sells exclusive and quality products of well-known world brands. Since its establishment, they have been engaged in the import and sale of assortments intended for the construction industry and bathroom equipment. The products in the assortment are ceramic tiles, granite ceramics, sanitary ware, sinks, built-in cisterns, console toilets, monobloc toilets, bidets, classic and hydromassage bathtubs, shower tubs, shower sets, sink faucets, bathtub faucets, kitchen faucets, mosaics, flow water heaters, shower channels, shower cabins and decorative stone. The goods are of guaranteed quality with existing foreign and domestic certificates and a multi-year warranty.

19. Datur Mondo | Flat Interiors

Flat Interiors is a premium furniture showroom. The world’s best furniture, lighting and textile brands are gathered in the showroom. For over 20 years they have been providing the best design items.


DECOR & DESIGN implements complex interior design projects for customers in Slovenia and abroad. They deal with interiors for private homes as well as for office buildings and hotels as well as public spaces. The team is a combination of talented individuals with different skills, but they all share a dedication to work, precision and a desire to make the client’s home or work environment a more comfortable, safer and more beautiful place to spend time. If this excites you, consider joining them.


DEKOFORMA is the Interior Design House established in 2013 in Vilnius. It was founded by two Architects & Interior Designers – Akvile Bielyte and Edvinas Baltrusaitis.

22. Design Place

Design Place Showroom has been cooperating with the leading manufacturers and sellers of designer furniture and accessories over the last five years. Thanks to the many year’s experience and professionalism of the company personnel, you will not encounter casual and accidental items in the showroom. Each item is a result of careful choice. The principal criteria are quality, aesthetic elegance and functionality.

23. Dolce Vita Studio

Dolce Vita Studio is an interior design company that offers you luxury interiors, created with the soul and thought out to the smallest detail. Margarita Monty is the project manager and decorator that will take over the entire organization of construction work, a complete set of materials, and furniture, including work on the exclusive details of your future interior.

24. Dom-A Casa Ricca

From classic to modern, from eclectic to the most outrageous, the team of Dom-A Casa Ricca is composed of the talented Maria Silver and Sergey Makushev and is here to keep up with the modern times of interior design in the most clever ways while maintaining the luxury and simple upbringing in their interior design projects. Providing a guided journey in all ranges of architecture and interior design, from penthouses to cottages and hotels, Dom-A is one of the Top Russian Design Studios!


Empire Suspension Lamp

25. Dusek Decor

After moving from the US in 2017, Mr. and Mrs. Dušek opened their first design studio in Prague 6, originally focused on interior molding and solitary furniture. Since 2018 they have also implemented turnkey residential and investment interiors. They often hear from customers that they are different. At the end of 2021, they open a luxury furniture boutique in Prague 8, where they bring a new design from Portugal and Spain to the Czech market for the first time.

26. Elena Diz Art

Elena Diz Art is a renowned private designer based in the city of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, that appreciates the opinion of the Customer and mutual respect. Working with a private interior designer will help you realize your creative plans, and save time and money when choosing decorating and decorative materials, furniture, and other products necessary for your home or your apartment to bring comfort and joy for many years!

27. Extra Class Interior

“Our company is proud to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Yes, we are very young compared to the brands we represent. But for 3 decades we have accumulated vast experience! After all, we had to quickly adapt to all the changes that occur in 1/16 of the terrain, while at the same time corresponding to the highest level of the brands we represent. Our partner factories have been leaders and trendsetters in the furniture industry in Europe and the US for decades and even centuries. At the moment, we not only have one of the largest exhibition areas in Moscow (1700 m²), featuring bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, lighting, plumbing and accessories. But also a variety of interior solutions for all tastes, with the guarantee of an extra result for all high design champions.”

28. Falco Too | Mebeland | Bamax

The best interiors in Italy. Furniture, lighting, accessories.

29. Galaktika

Gaudi Project is an amazing interior design studio in St. Petersburg. Using a luxury and a classic touch, they offer you the most incredible projects. They are experts in residential and architectural projects.

30. Hector Light | Tulekuma Ou

Hektor Light is a lighting company since 1994.


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31. Home Design | Style Tex

“In today’s story, we will introduce you to a unique, unusual and eccentric style of decor in the interior – patchwork. This patchwork technique was very popular in the 20th Century when housewives used it to create original blankets, rugs and pillows.”

32. Idea International

Alex Kovatchev is the founder and conceptual drive of the most successful and award-winning Idea International.

33. Interior Salon Interform

European Interior Salon INTERFORM is a trusted supplier of furniture, housewares, accessories and decor since 2010. Among the salon partners are more than 360 European furniture factories, which are distinguished by exceptional quality and technical innovation. We offer complete interior solutions based on a wide multi-brand range: LEICHT, SIEMATIC, MODULNOVA, MARTINIMOBILI, HULSTA, DRAENERT, MERIDIANI, CATTELAN ITALIA, KARTELL, EICHHOLTZ, GALLOTTI&RADICE, LAGO, MISSONI HOME, RIMADESIO, JAB FURNITURE, BLACK TIE, SABA, ALTRENOTTI, KFF, SOVET, ROSENTHAL, MOLL, GTV, YOMEI, JORI, TECNOGRAFICA, MIGLIORINO, QEEBOO, CULTI, BAOBAB, HUDSON VALLEY LIGHTING, CONTARDI, POLS POTTEN, etc.

34. Interjero Pasaka

“We don’t just create interiors, we create a vision for a person’s life. Therefore, the most important thing for us is a trust-based relationship with the client, as it’s the only failproof way to turn empty buildings and spaces into homes.”

35. Irakli Zaria Interiors

Irakli Zaria grew up in Tbilisi, Georgia, in a cozy apartment in a 1960s Soviet-period building with a modest courtyard and a nice view over the city. His favorite part of his home was a huge library with a wide selection of books on architecture, art history, and, of course, Russian classics. A decorator with a perfect sense of harmony and volume, his interiors are very atmospheric, charismatic, calm and respectable. One of the best interior designers in Russia.

36. La Casa

“La Casa Furniture Salon is not just a place where samples of incredibly beautiful furniture from Italy are collected, and it is not just a company that sells Italian furniture at reasonable prices. First of all, this is our team. First of all, we are all people who have united for one goal – to help you make your home more comfortable and beautiful. In our showrooms, you will be welcomed by professional consultant managers who are ready to suggest and assist you with the full range of Italian furniture. Our main working principle is the acceptance and embodiment of your individuality in the interior; understanding that home and family are the most important value. Truly unique furniture for unique people!”

37. Lampadario

Premium Light was founded in 2002 and has focused on high-quality products, the unique design of each model and premium style since day one.

38. Lashmanova Interior Design

Meet Katerina Lashmanova, one of Russia’s top interior designers today! This young and massively talented interior designer features an amazing professional journey throughout her years within this industry. With a breathtaking and extremely luxurious style, she establishes the most incredible interiors, that are able to impress every interior design aficionado.


Monet Center Table

39. Lesya Pechenkina

Lesya Pechenkina is the top interior designer behind Simple Interiors! Simple is a reflection of brevity, individual style and high service. Simple Interiors think that this is the norm of life, the only thing you’ll need to live easily, comfortably and beautifully.

40. Mebli&Design

Located in the city of Lutsk, Mebli&Design‘s area is 2000 m2, and it has been on the market for more than 16 years. That’s why a well-trained team of highly qualified employees will help create coziness in your homes. You can buy furniture, lighting, carpets and other interior items from well-known manufacturers – leaders in the furniture industry. Furniture & Design is an official reseller of renowned global companies, namely: Cavalli, La Contessina, Scavolini, Lube, Arredo3, Nolte, Lismaster, and Geosideal. They also manufacture custom-made upholstered furniture, wardrobes, and changing rooms, using high-quality materials. They guarantee the convenience and quality of products.

41. Milanskiy Dom Studio | Torgland

The country’s atmosphere, the pleasant tone of the language, the refined manners and the accentuated comfort of the meeting, led us to think of creating a little corner of this wonderful country at home, in Moscow. This is how the Milansky Dom furniture studio opened its doors, filling the space with coziness, warmth, good taste and comfort.

42. Quadro Room

Quadro Room‘s team includes professionals who are inspired by their own attitude and the lifestyle of their customers, so each project has unique features of its owner and creator, working in a successful alliance.

43. Refin Company SRL

“We are an Italian company that has been specializing in ceramics since 1962. We provide porcelain stoneware for both homes and large design projects.”

44. Rill Interior | 108 Interior

Rill Interior offers a complete solution for its customers – complete renovation and/or furnishing, planning, design of houses, flats, offices, catering units, or simply the purchase of individual furniture, lamps, sanitary ware, coverings, custom-made furniture, pergolas, kitchen appliances.

45. Sia Krassky

KRASSKY began 17 years ago with a desire to change a stagnant interior design market. Today we are an international company providing a full portfolio of interior services and supplies. KRASSKY conducts meticulous research for each of our projects, selecting the best designer items from leading manufacturers, small workshops and artisans.


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46. Transforma

A Global Interior Design & Architecture Studio. Creating Luxury Commercial and Residential Interiors.

47. UAB Identia

Simetria has extensive experience working closely in partnership with architects and interior designers to provide creative design solutions. As specialists in lights, furniture and interior accessories we consistently exceed the needs of our clients.

48. Vitta Group

Founded in 2007 by Elena Ponomarenko, VITTA GROUP is an architectural and design studio with 12 years of experience and international recognition. Recognizable style, and bold technological solutions have long been the hallmark of the studio. They have designed and implemented more than 400 residential and public facilities around the world.

49. Yudin & Novikov

The design and architecture studio Yudin & Novikov creates individual architectural and interior solutions for private apartments and residences, country houses, representative offices and other public spaces. The geography of studio projects is wide not only in Russia but also in Europe, where we carry out a full cycle of work, project management and designer supervision.

50. Yudina Design

A design project should reflect who we are, and Anna Yudina is ready to hear her client’s needs and wishes, in order to create a stunning project that has the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. Anna Yudina is the founder of the amazing Russian Design Company – Yudina Design – located in Moscow. She has several years of experience in the field of interior design, and she’s ready to create the residential design project of your dreams!


Moka Bar Chair


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