Black Friday: Luxury Furniture Discounts You Won't Believe

Black Friday: Luxury Furniture Discounts You Won’t Believe

Black Friday: Luxury Furniture Discounts You Won't Believe

Black Friday is finally here! From Mid-century to Modern Classic, from lighting to armchairs, Covet House is offering an amazing selection of curated designs at lower prices. For great interior design projects, we give you great luxury furniture discounts. It’s time to celebrate design together!


Oslo Rug

Oslo is a round rug inspired by the long snow-white pile spots of the Norwegian capital. A rug that combines comfort with nobility, which shows that it is the perfect rug to dress a room in a cozier and more comfortable way. Made with Bamboo Silk and New Zealand Wool, this handmade rug promises to warm your heart on cold days.

Vittorio Sideboard

These same curvilinear lines are found in the sophisticated design of the Vittorio Sideboard, named after the great Vittorio Gassman. The combination of the wooden black lacquered H-shaped legs with a walnut wood body and recessed golden handles, recalls the lines of a blooming flower. The recessed top of this unique sideboard was also handcrafted in Calacatta Oro marble for an extra touch of luxury.

Babel Snooker Suspension Lamp

The myth takes the form of a luxury lighting suspension in the irregular and an exceptional shape of each handmade crystal glass. The extraordinary rectangular levels in gold plated brass held a unique pattern of lighting refraction and create fantastical shades on surrounding surfaces. Babel Snooker Suspension Lamp is designed to brighten a contemporary space with the most elegant presence!

Milo Baby Playground

Inspired by the movie Atlantics, this one-of-a-kind baby playground was made to shape comfort and to keep your little ones safe and sound while he/she travels plays and listens to her/his favorite story. This playground was made with soft materials and it’s big and comfortable enough for you to join in and ready some stories with them. With an elegant and baby-friendly design, the Milo Baby Playground is the perfect piece to create the magical ambiance needed to create great memories!

Heritage Bathtub

Heritage Bathtub takes exceptional craftsmanship and design to a new realm. A statement bathtub covered in traditional hand-painted tiles, one of the most representative art forms of Portuguese culture, featuring a gold-painted tear finished with high gloss varnish. A sophisticated tub of high gloss black or white lacquered cast iron. Finding beauty in the most unexpected places, this contemporary design piece is inspired by authentic karst formations.

Cassia Modular Sofa


Cassia Modular Sofa is the perfect addition to your modern living room! With a hue of brown inspired in the Cassia cinnamon, this ultra-comfortable sofa contains an upholstered back and seating, with symmetric shapes for a chic look. A rearrangeable sofa, that’s both chic and cozy.

Newton Dining Table 

Newton is an outstanding moment of inspiration. A luxury statement piece created in order to fulfill the needs of our clients that are looking for the best in contemporary furniture design mixed up with luxurious details and high-quality materials.



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