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Curated Selection of Interior Designers from Chicago

Chicago designers have the privilege of working at the global architecture capital – being also one of the most populous cities in the United State.

The city is world-famous for its museums, art community, and unique and bold architectural styles, being an active hub for the interior design industry. Take a look at the list below and if you happen to be based in Chicago, remember to write down their names and consider them for your next project! Here is the fourth part of a curated selection of Interior Designers in Chicago!


HANDMADE ASSOCIATES, chicago, covet house, interior design

Handman Associates is an upscale interior design firm located in Chicago. At Handman Associates, the team believes that while an interior designer’s good eye is critical to achieving that goal, an open ear will take a room even further. And so they ask questions.  All intended to understand the nuances of how you live – or how you want to live. That’s why every project begins with listening to both the things that are said and just as often, for the things that go unsaid.

Handman Associates believes this critical first step is the foundation of all successful interior design. Under the direction of Managing Principal Shelly Handman, each member of our staff can claim that finely-tuned, open ear, along with an unparalleled wealth of knowledge, experience, and always-reliable professionalism.

The firm, also believes good design is a theme with countless variations. Style is subjective; the taste is personal. Still, good design will always incorporate comfort, warmth, timeless appeal, and an equal balance of both form and function. This belief is the hallmark of every Handman-designed interior.

The truest testament to the success of their work is the clients themselves many with whom the team has enjoyed years-long, and even decades-long, relationships. To Handman Associates, those relationships evince the true power of good design.


laurie demetrio interiors, chicago, covet house, interior design

Laurie Demetrio Interiors is a Chicago-based interior design firm that delivers thoughtful interiors that translate the client’s vision into reality. LDI cherishes quality client relations while guiding them through each step of the design process. From small to large-scale residential projects, LDI offers a lot of design services. Space planning, furniture and finish selections, color coordination, and producing schemes are just some of the many services they offer.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” – in other words, Laurie Demetrio Interiors strives to produce spaces, unlike the ordinary that provide both function and purpose. While fusing a broad range of styles from ultra-modern and eclectic to the traditional, It all starts with a concept that soon develops into a space carefully designed for each individual user. Currently working on projects in Chicago, Florida, and New York, the team is humbled and genuinely grateful for the responsibility and trust in the client’s place in LDI and the relationships that have developed with them.

Rottet Studio: Interior Designs That Go Beyond Expectations


ALAN DESIGN STUDIO, covet house, chicago, interior design

Alan Design Studio is a Chicago-based residential and commercial design company, focused on creating original spaces that are interesting, comfortable, and deeply personal. Not defined by a “signature look”, their expertise lies in their versatility, attention to detail, and limitless resourcefulness. The firm is obsessed with quality, and shop anywhere and everywhere – often creating bespoke custom pieces – to make its clients’ visions come to life. The team’s diverse design capabilities are supported by the latest technology and the highest industry standards.

Founded in 1994 by former motion picture set decorator Jean Alan and her daughter Ruthie Alan, the studio originally focused on finding and reimagining vintage pieces – a tradition that continues today. Alan Design Studio strongly advocates for and utilizes their local artisans, who are stewards of the environment in their respective trades and practice them sustainably. These long-standing relationships ensure a finely crafted outcome.

Alan Design Studio brings an unparalleled level of expertise, and they custom tailor their work to the needs of each client and project. The studio is known for effortlessly combining immaculate architecture with custom upholstery, antique, vintage, and custom furniture, and beautiful art to create casually elegant spaces that are comfortable and livable.


LUGBILL DESIGNS, chicago, covet house, interior design

Lugbill Designs is an interior design firm from Chicago. Living with great comfort and luxury is within reach when working with Lugbill Designs. The firm’s goal is to elevate everyday life. The sensory experience of being surrounded by exquisite sights and textures doesn’t need to be a rare occurrence. Life is remarkable; your home should be too.

Lugbill Designs has a depth of experience designing and managing projects that involve full renovation and new construction, in addition to having a keen eye for home styling. As trusted Chicago interior designers, tearing a home down to studs and reinventing it is all in a day’s work at Lugbill Designs, and the team loves offering clients a “choose your own adventure” approach to interior design.

From finish selections and home décor to single bathroom remodels and whole-home renovations, their portfolio of services is aimed to help your homework for your life.



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