Discover How To Create A Memorable Hall Design (Part X)
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Discover How To Create A Memorable Hall Design (Part X)

Discover How To Create A Memorable Hall Design (Part X)

A good hall design always sets the tone for a home and truly represents and defines your aesthetic. First impressions last long and that’s why you should never underestimate the power of an entryway. Have a look and discover how to create a welcoming, memorable hallway!


modern classic entryway with a golden chandelier and a marble table

Exquisite, refined and quite subtle while being remarkable are some of the characteristics of this entrance hall. With a view to the second floor, L’Chandelier drops from the ceiling to make a statement with as a dreamy, elegant and luxurious lightning piece.


modern classic entryway with classic architecture, a big mirror and a crystal chandelier

Phenomenal architecture, wonderful sculptures and a magnificent chandelier? That’s a powerful combo for a hall design. However, it’s the Marie Therese Mirror that takes this ambiance beyond!


entryway design with a golden screen

Accessories make everything better, right? When it comes to your home decor, it’s no different. Our talented designers and master artisans created the Gold Folding Screen that truly is jewelry for the home.


modern classic entryway with a luxury cabinet

Wood is one of the finest and noblest materials ever, one of the first to be crafted by human beings – a true medium of transformation. Paying homage to Portuguese traditions, the D. Manuel Cabinet is a symbol of conquest and achievement. Because you won’t be victorious if you don’t accept the challenges of life.


Black is a color that can not be ignored – it’s dramatic, feels glamorous and exudes mystery. On the other hand, golden is synonymous with grandeur. Gold and black take command and an exclusive atmosphere takes shape with the Angra Sideboard.


contemporary entryway with a black console table and a golden mirror

Mirrors and entryways are a match made in heaven. Here, Darian captures both the functionality of a mirror and the splendor of an art piece. Decorative, practical and divine.


luxury entryway with a black and gold console table

Is there anything more powerful than luxury console tables to elevate your entrance hall decor? We don’t think so. A hymn to sophistication and design, the Apotheosis Console Table creates a strong presence that will revolutionize the looks of any project.


contemporary entryway with neutral, golden and green tones

A white background, golden tones and pops of green? We are all for it! Ideal for a welcoming feature in the entrance hall, the Nubain Ottoman is evocative of high-end hotels, a striking statement of utter luxury.


entryway design with a big green rug and golden wall lamps

If contemporary design has a true representation, then you might be talking about Luxxu. With this brand, luxury meets modern perspectives that are shaping trends all around the world.


entryway design with a luxury console table and mirror

One of the most versatile furniture staples you can have, console tables are perfect for everything from creating an impressive entryway to showcasing artful collectibles. Characterized by its complexity of noble materials such as glass, walnut root veneer and brass, Nubian Console Table is an elaborated embodiment of relief.


modern entryway design in neutral tones

The glamorous city-state on the French Riviera is the playground to the first contemporary modern penthouse by Caffe Latte Home. This 295 m2, 8 room penthouse evokes a contemporary modern design through its functional, clean and captivating aesthetic.


modern entryway with a modern console table

The harsh and strict lines from the Liberica Console Table contrast perfectly with the fluidity and sort of feminine touch of the mirror. Inspired by the Coffea liberica plant, the mirror takes an oval contour, resembling the delicate shape of the plant’s leaf. A minimalist design that will not go unnoticed.


luxury entryway with golden console table and two big mirrors

Covet House joined forces with K.A. Interior Design studio to create this modern classic masterpiece set in Riyadh, the land where no dream is big enough and the most exquisite, deluxe taste is in every corner.


Your entryway should be as spectacular as the other rooms that follow. With Ardara Faux-Marble, you will give a unique twist to any interior design. What’s your opinion?


luxury entryway in golden tones and a chandelier

With a finish in gold leaf and a gloss varnish, this console table will give a unique character to any setting. Enhance what’s already good and make it the best with Ardara.


 Discover How To Create A Memorable Hall Design (Part IX)


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