Dream Big: Bedroom Design Ideas You Will Love (Part VIII)
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Dream Big: Bedroom Design Ideas You Will Love (Part VIII)

Dream Big: Bedroom Design Ideas You Will Love (Part VIII)

The bedroom – probably, the most important place when it comes to your home designInteriors are all about you and being one with the space itself, so get ready for exclusive atmospheres, contemporary elements and luxurious details. Yes, sweet dreams are made of this!


contemporary bedroom

This bedroom is how you go to sleep in great style. That textural wall, the evident coziness and the Ocadia Armchair make us wonder about the perfect bedroom. What do you think?


luxury bedroom

It’s time to recharge in great style. Surround yourself with sumptuous furniture and lighting. Time to spend your nights in luxury with Luxxu.


master bedroom design

A master bedroom is not the same without its own private living room or reading corner. Designed for a lavish indoor space, the Mayer Center Table is the perfect piece for this sophisticated living room.


kids bedroom

Kids love planes, and to be able to transport that into their bedroom is something unique. An airplane theme decoration for kids’ rooms is perfect to encourage the adventurous spirit of children. The Sky One Plane Bed is about to land in your home.


kids bedroom

Time to see your true colors now. The Bubble Gum Collection by Circu aims to provide you with everything you need for your kids. Make it colorful, make it sweet!


kids bedroom

The Nodo Suspension Chair will give you the comfort you never thought you needed. With its velvet upholstery and stainless steel frame, this whimsical hanging chair will add to your home just the right amount of style and elegance.


kids bedroom

Bunny-shaped beds are one of the items that are more sought out nowadays for kids’ bedrooms. We see a lot of options in inspirational posts on Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. However, it’s the Mr Bunny Bed that melts our hearts every time.


kids bedroom

If you’re on the market to get brand-new furniture for your kids’ play area, then search no more. Inspired by the traditional outdoor playgrounds, the Bubble Gum Gym is the product you need to bring adventure and creativity to your children’s play area.


contemporary nightstand

Here’s how to merge sensory design and unique experiences. If your bedroom needs some kind of renovation, perhaps we might have the solution. If Earth is your temple, then the Huang Nightstand was made for you.


luxury rug

The Agatha Rug can tie a bedroom together with ease. Such a simple, yet effective way to infuse color into a space. Tonal layering may not be the easiest trend to master but, once you do, the possibilities are both endless and enduring.


luxury rug

Synonymous with luxury, craftsmanship and contemporary design, the Couple Rug is truly a beauty. A 100% handmade product that will transform the comfort of your bedroom.


luxury rug

The Air Rug is a triumph of geometric patterns and straight lines. With different reliefs and colors, this modern contemporary rug creates a different perspective and a three-dimensional graphic design.


luxury rug

Here’s a true statement rug for any luxury bedroom. Snakes represent rebirth, transformation, immortality and healing. The Imperial Snake Rug will get you on the right path for an always-evolving expressive design.


mid-century lighting

Turner is a large table lamp handmade in brass and aluminum. The body has a gold plated finish, while the shade was lacquered with a black matte on the outside and a gold powder paint on the inside, so as not to create an uncomfortable glaze for the user. Plus, it fits any style of interior you can think of.


mid-century bedroom

Who doesn’t love a mid-century style bedroom in pastel colors? Impossible not to fall in love with it. Especially when there’s a bed like Sophia to make it even more nostalgic.


Dream Big: Bedroom Design Ideas You Will Love (Part VIII)


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