Kitchen And Dining Room Design Ideas With Style To Spare (Part XI)
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Kitchen And Dining Room Design Ideas With Style To Spare (Part XI)

The dining room and the kitchen, despite having different purposes, are one. Acting as an extension to each other, both these spaces deserve our full attention when it comes to redecorating or starting from scratch. With this in mind, it’s our turn to share some kitchen and dining room design ideas with style to spare… and luxury all around.


Neutral dining room design with a piano and New York views

Covet House strikes another home run with an unbelievable luxury interior design, where neutrality and serene aesthetics distance itself from the busy and always-on-the-run way of life of the city that never sleeps.


Luxury dining room with golden dining table

High-ceilings provide this modern classic dining room on a grandiose scale, leaving room for every masterful piece to breathe. The massive Fortuna Dining Table is an eye-catching piece for this space, creating a cohesive and deluxe look.


Neutral dining room with a golden chandelier

A cozy ambiance for a glamorous dinner party or simply the perfect place for a calm and contemplating view over the New York skyline. Plus, the Shard Chandelier will enlight every moment with style.


Contemporary dining room with green dining chairs and golden details

The play on elements elevates this room to another level, contrasting organic shapes and earthly tones to the contemporary shapes of the furniture and architecture. Supremely decorated to the finest detail, this dining area has the same cohesive elements as the other rooms to provide a rich, deluxe contemporary experience. We’re loving those Stola Dining Chairs in green!


White-toned dining room with modern decoration

A powerful and sublime aesthetic, with a very contemporary approach, both in the overall set, but especially in the color palette and the organic shapes of the furniture. How would you rate the freshly brewed Breve II Dining Table from 0 to 10?


Contemporary dining room with a neutral background and earthy-tones furniture

Here’s an example of a dining room that makes use of neutral tones to create a striking, beautiful balance. The Apis Dining Table adds personality and sets the tone for moments of celebration with the ones you love. That’s all we need, really.


Dining room design with a big mirror and contemporary lighting

The allure of Mexico’s Giant Crystal Cave was the inspiration for the Naicca Suspension Lamp, representing the legend of crystal origins. Suitable for any contemporary dining room design!


Dining room with pink dining chairs and a big chandelier

An empty room is a story waiting to happen, and you are the author. Contemporary Modern Design brings together elements from both styles not only to complement each other but also to create a harmonized space. The Cayo Dining Chair is our finest example of this interior harmony we seek every day.


Dining room with pink dining chairs and a big chandelier

Looking for a revolution in your dining room? Just bring the outdoors inside. How? With the Macushi Rug. Delicate flower patterns and sand hues will be perfect to decorate any modern home decor.


Neutral-toned dining room with a round dining table

The Nazca Sideboard is a real eye-catcher. There are not enough good things to say about this one but we assure you won’t get disappointed. With Nazca, interiors are a state of mind – unique sensations and memories.


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