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A Fairy Tale Indoors

Pastel Colors, Exquisite Textures and Statement Pieces

Do you ever dream of those fairy tales that take us back to our sweetest childhood memories? Back then there were no routines and no complications, only our imagination. That utopic reality takes shape in real life with this ambiance!

The trick lies in the combination of pastel colors, exquisite textures and statement pieces all around. The Koi center table, the Besame armchair or the Burlesque console table are only a few of the elements that, combined, let us dream for eternity in a world where all that matters is ourselves. Sometimes, interior design can be tremendously whimsical and unbelievably magical.

Covet House is here to give wings to your imagination, anytime, anywhere. Be inspired and the world will be inspired by you!


Boca do Lobo