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When Fringing Meets Earth Tones

Give Some Power And Dynamics To YourHome Decor

Trends are something that everyone wants to know about it and follow them. And there’s nothing more inspiring than a trend. Today, we bring you Fringing earth Tones.

The final result of this trend is a textured, soothing atmosphere made of Nature-inspired elements and contemporary details. Interior design should be a collection of things you love and Fringing Earth Tones will surely add a refined visual layer to your home decor.

Fringe is an ornamental textile trim applied to an edge of a textile item like pillows, lampshades or sofas. The use of fringe is ancient but now, in 2019, it is considered a trend for all those who are passionate about interior decoration. It feels vintage and contemporary at the same time – and that’s exactly what we are going for. On the other hand, Earth Tones, or natural colors, can create a warm, Nature-friendly atmosphere. This color scheme is based on natural elements such as green leaves, brown soil, clouds or the blue reflections of the sky in the water. It is associated with peaceful moods and serene settings.

Now you mix the two and you have Fringing Earth Tones – an ethereal design trend that promises to bring a delicate, graceful dimension to your home design.

Give Some Power And Dynamics To YourHome Decor



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