Adam Hill And Maria Speake: Tropical Paradise

Greens And Earth Tones For Your Living Room

Adam Hills and Maria Speake are the founders of Retrouvius, in 1993. They met in school and stuck together until the foundation of Retrouvius, starting with several redundant churches. Later on, they dive into the interior design world. The Retrouvius has some known projects such as salvaging elements from Norman Foster’s Great Court development at The British Museum. The interior designers love their special features and are always hunting for salvaged materials to give another life to it.

Adam Hills and Maria Speake in this living room design, you can sense that the central idea is a Tropical Paradise, with all the greens and earth tones around the room. Since the plants are stealing so much attention, the designers choose some mid-century pieces to go with it, and dress up the sitting area. Starting with an accent wood chair like the Perry Chair, by Essential Home, and combining with the Cell Neutral Rug, by Rug’Society with a bold graphic design and a creation without limits.