Antonia Hutt Is A Well Of Knowledge

A Living Room With Fine Decoration

Antonia Hutt, based in Los Angeles, is a well-known interior designer and architect with a broad background of studies from arts to silversmithing and more. After years studying what she loved the most and diving to a business related to it, she was able to finally open her own antique shop on Melrose Place, which opened her eyes to what she truly wanted: Interior Architecture.

Having a solid design philosophy that makes her projects, astonishing pieces of work, they are often featured on multiple publications like Vogue, Elle Décor or House Beautiful.

In this example of one of her projects, we can pick up the Cell Rug by Rug’Society with a bold graphic design and the George Sofa by Brabbu which is a celebration of history through a distinctive piece, to try and recreate this look!