AND Interior Designs Brings Nurtured Projects

Timeless And Lovely Dining Room

AND Interior Designs was born in 2001 through the love for interior design and architecture that Anne’s mother nurtured into her since early in her life. She would accompany her to art galleries, museums and buildings of architectural distinction and that enabled Anne to dedicate herself into creating unique environments either from the ground up or redesigning an already existing residence.

Since the founding of her studio, Anne already completed hundreds of successful projects for many different prestige clients, with her signature timeless, chic and artful works!

In this dining room, we can see some of the attributes of her style and we were inspired by it and decided to choose the Piccadilly console by Boca do Lobo that is an exclusive design piece that combines the dynamism of design with the power of narrative, and the Anastasia dining chair by Koket with the modern allure created by the luxurious curves and bold lines to recreate the same feeling!