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A Contemporary Living Room in Neutral Tones, in a cozy atmosphere and with a light aesthetic and a lot of charm.

A corner that would adapt to any area of ​​the house, in a Caffe Latte style, is a perfect combination of our pieces with an absolutely charismatic visual lightness of the contemporary style of today’s Interior Design projects.

In this environment we can observe our Kafe Sideboard, is a tribute to the rich coffee culture of Madagascar. Made from bronze mirror, stainless steel and the finest wood, Kafe promises to bring warmth and clean-lined minimalism to your Dining or Living Room. Accompanying this sideboard is the Winnow Table Lamp, which takes its name from the winnowing method, an ancient technique of separating grain from the straw. Its body is composed of small lacquer wood tubes, representing the straw, and the abat jour shade emerges from the base with a light tapioca fabric, separating distinctively from its rigid body. By mixing a more classic approach to the shade with a contemporary design to its body, this table lamp will brighten every surface and interior. These two pieces make a perfect match and make this Living Room a contemporary and stylish space.

We can also observe in white tones the Mansfield Armchair which is our ultimate mid-century modern masterpiece, combining the retro touch from the velvet with the 60’s sleek lines. It is an accent barrel chair atop a sophisticated swivel polished brass base. Its iconic low-slung and crescent shape make it look like a dislocated piece right from the Mid-century Mad Men era, this piece has a stunning highlight in this Living Room, when combined with the Jute Rug, this Rug is a modern and neutral piece made of botanic silk, with a soft presence and an even softer touch. With a pattern and texture similar to the weaving from the traditional Brazilian jute bags used for carrying and for the storage of coffee beans.

A Caffe Latte Living Room Inspiration for all lovers of Interior Design and contemporary environments.