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Entryway inspiration by Cochet Païs Architecture & Interior design, an ambiance with the hightlight of our most exclusive stunning pieces!

Cochet Païs is a family architecture firm, its design studios are located in the heart of the French Riviera in Cap d’Antibes and Monaco, its teams are formed by Architects, Interior Designers, Decorators and Executives who innovate with enthusiasm when transforming your project into a true work of art.

Specialized in high-end residential and “Haute Couture” creations, but also in some prestigious commercial and multi-residential projects, surrounded by qualified companies and quality craftsmen, Cochet Païs Architecture and Interior Design brings the same demanding care to each project, whatever its size.

The projects are balanced between art and economy: timeless architecture as beautiful as it is functional.

With projects across Europe, Cochet Païs Architecture & Interior design is the harmonious combination of energies, commitments and know-how at the service of inventive and ambitious conceptual projects.

In this Entryway we can observe our Newton, defying laws of physics, this futuristic piece of furniture has been designed by taking inspiration from its elder brother – Newton dining table. Newton console is a standout piece of international desire that distinguishes itself from all the other designs by its futuristic forms, such as the Burbeck Wall Lamp, luxury and art deco are synonym with this Brubeck Wall Lamp lighting design. Inspired by the timeless musical instrument that is the pipe organ and one of the foremost exponents of jazz, Dave Brubeck, this luxurious wall sconce is a statement piece on its own. With 13 pounds, Brubeck is composed by a series of handmade brass tubes that are all welded together by hand. For a finishing touch, it boasts a very art deco gold-plated finish. Only 4 G9 bulbs are needed for this modern wall sconce to light up your home, making it the perfect candidate for a maximalist dining room, or even an Entryway decor project.

A Entryway reference project at the highest level for Covet House!


Boca do Lobo