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Get Inspired By This India Mahdavi Interior

The Queen of Dreamy Interiors

India Mahdavi is from Iran and that’s where she developed her own characteristic technique. Currently living in Paris, she keeps on traveling the world in search of inspiration and we must tell she is a true visionary. The designer imposes herself on the contemporary design industry as a singular, eclectic and nomadic way to celebrate some kind of oriental pop in the West.

This ambiance right here brings us back to childhood memories, dreamy settings and soothing fairytales. It is proof that our imagination has no limits and we’re the only ones who can turn dreams into reality – all we have to do is pick up the right furniture, lighting and upholstery elements. It’s that simple!

From the materials and textures to the colorful style, India Mahdavi will remain forever in the history of interior design.


Boca do Lobo