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Get Inspired Through The Power of Curated Design

Soft Tones, Statement Pieces and a Little Imagination Boost

Curated design is synonymous with Covet House and that means an intense desire to be the most powerful tool to boost creativity. In order to blend smooth soft tones with remarkable statement pieces, this moodboard was created. Step in and get inspired!

The Agra console table is an impressive display of craftsmanship and elegance, made of Estremoz marble with brass details. Then, we have the Florence stool which is a low stool both fun and practical, a soft and comfortable solution for your living room. Next, we find the Mira rug, the representation of Cleopatra, where life emerges in the form of color, taking us on a journey through the communion of cultures and style. The Gem table lamp is a tribute to a diamond’s devastating power of enticement, representing the journey of the gem’s rough beginnings to its exquisite end. Last but not least, the Diamond mirror is the ultimate combination of geometry and design, a total heartbreaker for any entryway.

What are your thoughts on today’s inspiration? Let us know!


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