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Modern Designs, Contemporary Interiors and Portuguese Traditions

The Perfect Place to Sit Back and Spend Some Quality Time

There’s always that place that captures our attention and that acts as a refuge to spend some quality time. Through modern designs, contemporary interiors and Portuguese traditions, this ambiance will make you want to come back over and over again. That’s no surprise though, just take a look and feel how all the elements are perfectly combined to give anyone a fantastic experience.

With the iconic poet Fernando Pessoa on the back, we also have the quintessential Heritage sideboard that presents a different number of layers, where each one tells a different story. Hand-painted-tiles have gained a privileged place in architecture throughout the centuries and Portugal has adopted them like no other country. Then, we have the luxurious Brubeck suspension lamp which is a mid-century modern and sophisticated lighting design inspired by the Jazz musician Dave Brubeck.

When you choose the right elements, you will get the best results!


Boca do Lobo