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Industrial Style Or How To Make a Revolution Indoors

Modern Meets Vintage in a Thrilling Composition for the Senses

Industrial Style is an aesthetic trend that became popular in the late 2000s with weathered woodconcrete and metallic lighting fixtures. In 2019, Industrial Style is coming back for good and it promises to transform your home decor with different shades of grey, raw materials and a striking contemporary vibe.

With modern lifestyle trends referencing the joys of bucolic bliss, it comes as no surprise that we’ve noticed an uptick in industrial style client requests over the past few seasons – and for good reason. Industrial Style decor marries sleek modernity and old world charm with an organic, lived in feel to create the perfect play of contrasts.

Industrial Style interior design is not all about oversized black metal windowsraw unfinished wood and exposed bricks – in fact, this design trend is quite flexible. It consists mostly of neutral hues and matters that focus on unique textures, encouraging the use of recycled materials and squared lines.


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