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Kitchen Design That Completely Meets Your Luxury Needs

A Kitchen Full Of Natural Light And Luxury

Kitchen Design That Completely Meets Your Luxury Needs with this magnificent design by Epilog Studio, a design firm based in Poland.

Who wouldn’t dream of having an amazing kitchen like this one? We sure do. A place where we spend quite a bit of our time to prepare our meals, which are vital to give the energy to face our daily routine. Such a space is important and this one gives it an extra thought by creating a really light environment by using big windows, white marble with goldish details, and to give a highlight the forest green color is used in the upholstery pieces.

Having fallen in love with this beautiful kitchen, we picked up some of our own pieces to give it an even extra unique and lush touch, using the Malay armchair by Brabbu, with aged brass legs, which has a mystical soul that will fulfill your kitchen set with energy from Nature. By its side, the Tears center table by Koket, that is a striking combination of shaped glass and metal. To complete the set, we have the Triptico suspension lamp by Boca do Lobo, composed by a set of three black pendant lights hanged by a round structure, this eclectic lighting piece presents an adjustable arrangement in a harmonious ensemble. Last but not least, we have our Cross Grey surface by Maison Valentina that, with the help of digital art and handmade techniques, this surface is made to look like the well-known Carrara marble. Perfect for a high-end luxury kitchen.

Such a clean design is one of the best inspirations we have at Covet House and we are ready to help you make your own.


Boca do Lobo