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Office with a sense of luxury is what we can see when we observe this refined and contemporary ambience.

Dark tones when mixed with gold always result in these exclusive and very charming projects, with a masculine character, this office is the dream work space for any lover of luxurious lifestyle.

In a classic environment so evident in contemporary interiors today, the modern pieces and details mark their exclusive character, in a dazzling composition of the most coveted pieces in the world of Interior Design, this office is born to take our time off.

The Newton Suspension, is a piece of highest quality modern luxury design, Newton Suspension Lamp is a handcrafted piece that has something unique about it. Newton Lamp is a monumental piece which authenticates Boca do Lobo designers and artisans ’work, in this project it is a central element that makes the Office richer and does not leave us indifferent to the way it composes Space so perfectly.

The secretary used, Fortuna is a contemporary office desk with one of a kind design aesthetic and refined statement to the most influential minds. Representing the essence of empowerment, sophistication, and mystics, the Fortuna features an exclusive surface patina brass and elegant palisander veneer finish. Made in wood and polished cast brass, this accent desk incorporates nature-inspired design, industrious welding techniques and a manually engraved top that emulates the outlines of log rings, reminding the lifetime of a tree. Below the expansive desktop is an elegant composition of two scaled brass tubes, each one holding two drawers and one door covered by sleek veneer, and a central drawer for files between, this desk gives an unparalleled expression to any Office!

The Charla Office Chair, used as the space’s main chair, is a timeless item of boundless elegance with a modern twist. Its ergonomic shape ensures a right posture, which allows working comfortably for hours, and the best materials, velvet, brass and lacquered wood ensure high-quality. All combined into one office chair, that ties comfort and luxury together.

Creating a perfect highlight to these exclusive pieces of Unique Design we can observe the Air Geometric Rug, a Rus that has a graphic design inspired by photographs of Architecture Conjugation of light / shadow games and perspectives with reliefs Colors in shades of brown with reference to the furniture, great part in wood, produced in Century Mid Century, due to its tones it lets the Office space shine through the choice of pieces.

Discreetly in black, we also have our Eden Center Table, a mystic behind the name inspired Eden Center Table. This center table represents a part of the tree of knowledge and the tale of the birth of desire. Boca do Lobo uses the highest quality materials and textures, giving them shapes through objects that create a cosmopolitan luxury environment, finding the finest example in this table, which fits this Office perfectly.

An Interior Design project that conveys all of our essence and allows us to make our mark in the world of Design.