Biophilia: The Ultimate Interior Design Trend For 2022
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Biophilia: The Ultimate Interior Design Trend For 2022

Biophilia: The Ultimate Interior Design Trend For 2022

Biophilia encourages a closer connection with Nature. Nature-inspired environments are part of the wellness-minded interior design trend that is being a hit in 2022, by bringing the outdoors inside. Covet House is here to show how you can incorporate furniture and lighting that blends with the setting itself, always with greenery to radiate life all around your projects. Our mood is deeply connected to our home design and 2022 is all about comfort, elegance and liveliness.

Biophilia: The Ultimate Interior Design Trend For 2022

Bring The Outdoors Inside


Hudson Armchair


Hudson Armchair is probably one of our most classic design pieces. It tends to be sober thanks to its occasional design, but it really stands out because of its leather upholstery. The body structure is produced in solid walnut wood with metal shoes on its legs, made of polished brass. It has a little degree of reclining, perfect for a zen moment in your living room.

Galliano Pendant Lamp

Galliano Pendant Lamp features a modern, sleek design that will complement the decor in any setting. This beautiful unique lighting is simply one of DelightFULL’s top best sellers. Up to 5 tubes and with a structure tailor-made in steel, Galliano produces a unique and gorgeous lighting effect. The body is covered by a gold-plated interior finish, while on the outside they were painted a matte black, which provides a unique pendant lamp. Clean lines and a mid-century modern vibe combined with versatility make Galliano a useful delight.

Wormley Side Table

Wormley is a side table that features a skillful engineered structure made of pipe rings, a hallmark of excellence in metalwork that supports a clear glass on the top. Some of the pipes are then cut vertically to form a leg, standing on a circular mirrored base produced in brass. A perfect centerpiece for the engineering minds.

Bauhau Rug

As a suggestion, the Bauhau Rug is full of history, made with noble materials and sophisticated techniques. Based on the language of the German avant-garde movement – Bauhaus was one of the greatest and most important expressions of what is called Modernism in design and architecture. A journey through the history of the Bauhaus’ style, modernity, and ideology.

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