Maison&Objet: Everything About Tech Eden
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Maison&Objet: Everything About Tech Eden

Maison&Objet: Everything About Tech Eden

Designed by Peclers Paris, the theme of the new season of Maison&Objet, Tech Eden explores the profound evolution in the relationship between science and nature, as the basis for a sustainable and desirable future. In Inspire me!, the show’s inspiration forum, Peclers Paris is exploring how this reconciliation between science and nature can be applied to hospitality.

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Peclers Paris’ vision: as they look for new forms of escape, visitors to hospitality venues will, in the medium term, want them to be more than just functional spaces and, for some, just transitional spaces. To stop them in their tracks, prolong their visit and, above all, keep them coming back, hospitality operators will be using hybridization and events to transform their venues into unique, unexpected, sensitive and versatile experiences. With well-being at the heart of each of these experiences, no longer as a moment “on the side” but as a common thread, a principle for organizing daily life, respecting biophilic rhythms: an awakening, active and regenerative phase.

SPACE 1 / Awakening phase: THE WELL-BEING CAFÉ

At the heart of healthcare issues, food is one of the primary levers for achieving a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The ultimate experience of this evolution is a café that is no longer just a place to meet and eat, but the epicenter of enhanced beauty. From the light to the materials and shapes, it is designed as a holistic device to awaken the senses. It’s a space for an in-and-out beauty ritual that, around what we eat, invites us to an all-encompassing experience, a complete ritual of reconnection with our bodies and the world.

ScopeLamp, Charlotte Bombel – Donut Plate, Teresa Berger
Seaweed Tea, Haeckels – Objeto Ceramic Massager, FOR TMRW

The food proposed in this space, designed by the duo Mâche&Maché, is in itself an expression of the hybridity at the heart of these new approaches. At a time when feeding the planet is becoming a central issue, their edible papers, which are exceptionally nutritious and environmentally friendly, offer a unique aesthetic experience.

SPACE 2 / Active phase: GYM STATION

As one wants to make the most of everyday life, waiting is transformed into a continual opportunity for activity. Places of transit are resolutely moving away from boredom and, through sport, becomes space where to take care of oneself, body and mind. Here, a train station waiting room becomes a place to take an active break and re-energize through reading or physical exercise. At the heart of the installation is an exercise bike, the result of a collaboration between Ciclotte and digital design studio RHNH, a delicate, unreal disc that seems to be suspended in front of an immersive video by artist Roxi Basa.

vélo MetaCyclo, Ciclotte x rhnh – Wall Clock, Silje Lindrup
Fontanella, Studio Finemateria – Laurids Gallee – Cyryl Zakrzewski, Dune Chair

Everything in this space is an invitation to take advantage of a moment’s pause to get moving and travel into new imaginary worlds. Isolated from the others by air-purifying headphones, one let themselves be carried away by the hybrid imagination of objects evocative of times to come.

SPACE 3 / Regenerative phase: THE SPA ROOM

Enjoying a beneficial regenerative interlude in an intimate bubble is the ultimate pampering experience. The hotel room can become the place – individual and, absolute luxury, private – for this experience if all its components are designed to make it an ultra-personalised protective cocoon. The centerpiece of this spa room is a ‘sound bath’, where you can lie back and enjoy an enveloping and relaxing acoustic experience dreamt up by sound design studio Studio Olympe.

13 desserts, miroir Bigger Splash
EngPiplard, Bouillotte Marron – Theophile Caille, Rasoir Volcanique
Laufen, Ilbagnoalessi Vanity washbasin – Juliette Berthonneau : Sculpture 3D, Collection Motifs rebondissants

From facial yoga videos from the Narcisse studio to sensory tech objects, everything has been designed to stimulate and regenerate the senses. Enveloping, sensual materials, the aesthetic and narrative sophistication of every object, organic shapes that immerse visitors in a fantasy of nature: here, the hotel room is a destination in itself.


Designer of the Year 2024: Mathieu Lehanneur


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