Scandi Modern Dining Room by Albert Keller
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Scandi Modern Dining Room by Albert Keller

Scandi Modern Dining Room by Albert Keller

In the middle of Autumn, nothing beats embracing the comfort and convenience of our home, where a simple neutral approach, such as Scandinavian design, is capable of great and singular feats. Caffe Latte, with the special participation of Covet House and the creative designer Albert Keller, brings the ideal inspiration for a versatile and unique space such as the dining area, which beyond mere meals, is also a convivial space and increasingly common reference at the home office level. Ready to discover our Scandi modern dining room?

Scandi Modern Dining Room by Albert Keller

Functional and minimalist in thrust, the dining room revolves around its normal and main constituents: table and chairs, represented, in an elegant and even imposing way, by Breve II Dining Table and Freddo Dining Chair, two idyllic portraits that clearly define Caffe Latte‘s image.


Breve II Dining Table


Freddo Dining Chair

Scandi Modern Dining Room by Albert Keller

Behind these, the authentic and contemporary spirit continues this time through the Canephora Mirror and Kafe Sideboard, an already iconic piece of the brand. The ideal duo for a super cozy foyer, endowed with simplicity and harmony. The main lighting attractions are the sophisticated Explosion Suspension Lamp, by Luxxu, which, as the name suggests, radiates magnificence and sumptuousness, contrasting with the dark and minimal Miles Table Lamp, from Delightfull, which works as an excellent complement to any room, whether it’s an entryway, living room, office or bedroom.


Canephora Mirror


Kafe Sideboard

Explosion Suspension Lamp


Miles Table Lamp

Scandi Modern Dining Room by Albert Keller

In fact, Caffe Latte provides the best and most caring solutions, according to a comfy and familiar concept, suitable for all seasons and ways of looking at design. Comfort and well-being always come first in this beautiful partnership designed by Albert Keller.

What do you think about this Scandi modern dining room?


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